Saturday, August 15, 2015

Classes for Beginning Dancers

Today is a great day to start dancing!

DanceWellPDX has 4 different "levels" of dance classes. 
For brand new dancers, or "Newcomers" to the social dance scene, Newcomers Intro classes are slower-paced and focus on timing and introduction to the most widely-used social dances.

Intro to Dance classes are on Thursday nights at 7pm in the Tigard studio and are usually 4-week series each month, beginning on the first week of the month.  Every month a new dance is taught, both so you can see the similarities of all dance steps, and so you can dance a little something to all the different music played at a social dance.  You are welcome to "drop-in" to a class for $10 or to pre-register for a discounted rate of $36 for the month.  Enroll for Classes

After Intro, the next class levels are:  Beginning-1 (Foundations of frame, movement and simple patterns, a faster-paced class for those who have already partner-danced a little or are quick learners.), Beginning-2 (more foundations and step patterns), and Intermediate/Advanced (more variations)

Here is the sequence of rotation in the Newcomer Intro classes:
(the current class as of August 2016 is Nightclub 2Step)

Cha Cha Cha
Nightclub 2Step
East Coast Swing


Check out the current Calendar details.
You are welcome to request another dance be taught as a "Newcomer" class on another night.  

Happy Dancing!